My podcast project

           Firstly I want to tell why I decided to participate of the EVO podcasting 2011,Before the classes start I discovered that in my classroom there will be a special child, this student has dyslexia, we know that this kind of child needs a special treatment and has difficult to read, spell and understand.So, the doubts continued and I didn't know how to work with him yet, one day a coworker said that when these children listen to the same things many times they can get better the topic studied. I was a member of a group that study how to use more technology in English Language Classroom and I received an email that will start some courses on line and if I would like to participate, I had to access the page.At that moment I saw a little light at the end of the tunnel.
        Secondly I began the course and using the tools I knew that was possible to help the dyslexian students but how? When I recorded my first podcast , I found out how this tool will help them showing them that is possible to hear teacher's instructions(mainly about work at home) on line.This tool doesn't only help these specific students but the others as well.
       Thirdly the parents can help their chlidren on time to do the work and they can leave a message if they also need help.
       In conclusion, Today in my opinion podcasting is a way to help these students, I am not sure that I will only get good results but I have to start to find out.

Title :Building a new way.

Level: Basic

Class type:8º grade

Activity focus: Speaking and Writing

Aim:Helping students to understand better the words' world in context

1. Teacher records the instructions of how to do the work;
2. Students listens to and try to develop the work;
3. Parents need to stay beside the student to help him/her;
4. Writing a small massage to the teacher;
5. Show the teacher the work in classroom.